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Hangzhou Strong Education Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Our business areas include smart education, teacher training, teachers' overseas study visits and exchanges, students' overseas study, students' overseas winter and summer camps, English training, and China & UK sister school links. In the future, Strong education will continue to focus on the three dimensions of school development, teacher growth, and student cultivation, build a high-quality education service system, enhance the high-quality development of China's education in the new era, and make contributions to the comprehensive realization of China's education modernization and the ranks of education powers.

Smart Education

Strong smart education has been focusing on improving the informatization of education and teaching in primary and secondary schools in China for many years, concentrating superior resources and sticking to innovation and development. It has become a national high-tech enterprise, a national security engineering enterprise, a "double-soft" enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and a standing director unit of the Primary and Secondary School Professional Committee of China Association for Education Technology. At present, it is the only supplier in China that can provide the solutions to regional smart education integration system. With the implementation of the regional smart education integration project, a large number of industry-leading smart education products have been incubated, including but not limited to: regional / single school smart education brain, Leke smart education system, regional after-school service system, regional child learning and developmental evaluation system, smart teacher and cadre training system, teacher comprehensive quality evaluation system, student comprehensive quality evaluation system, customizable management and evaluation system of moral education, the entire management process system of the campus canteen, and the management system of the leveled courses for students' independent learning and, other new products with high quality. In the future, Strong smart education will deepen the cultivation in education, create a full scene solution for smart education, promote the deep integration of informatization and school education, realize the diversification and openness of learning methods, the perfect fusion of technology and education, the integration and sharing of educational resources, and the scientific and efficient management of education, and promote the high-quality development of school education.

Teacher Training and Overseas Study Visits and Exchanges

Strong teacher training is a professional institution that provides comprehensive learning services for the professional development of national education administrators and primary and middle school teachers. It is also a primary and middle school English training base in Zhejiang Province. Since the inception, with the support and guidance of education authorities at all levels, we have undertaken the training of teachers at all levels with professional, refined, and high-quality services; In the meanwhile, we respond to the needs of the times with systematic thinking and innovative actions, and comprehensively implement exploratory and leading teacher professional development projects such as integration of network research and school-based research and regional research. Strong teacher training has always adhered to the development vision of "building a new education ecology through technology". Relying on the strong Internet and education industry technical support of Strong Education, we have fully integrated information technology into the whole process of teacher training, and built an information application training course group for various educational scenarios, not only providing a platform and support for the professional abilities of education managers and teachers, but also focusing on the comprehensive improvement of teachers' information literacy. With ingenuity, in the future, we will, as always, focus on serving the development of teachers by taking the development needs of teachers as the guidance, taking technology as the driving force, and relying on diverse professional development programs, in order to provide our highest quality and best service for the development of China's education. Meanwhile, Strong education establishes a platform for teachers to exchange and study abroad, focusing on the application of visiting scholars for the UK and other English spoken countries. The institutions that the company collaborates with have experienced overseas application teams and resources from cooperating universities. Therefore, we have access to first-hand visiting scholar programs and job information, and are able to efficiently, quickly, and professionally assist clients in obtaining visiting opportunities and invitation letters issued by target universities and institutions, and smoothly traveling to the target countries for exchange visits.

Language Training/Students' Overseas Study/Overseas Winter and Summer Camps/China & UK Sister School Links

Strong language training is a brand of Strong Education that focuses on preparatory study, English training, and TESOL international teacher training. This brand is one of the partners of Zhejiang TESOL International English teacher qualification certificate, and cooperates with many universities in Zhejiang Province in the form of "international talent training studio". After more than 20 years of efforts, Strong language training has formed a professional teaching management system—senior Chinese and foreign teachers join forces, and the teaching assistant team closely cooperates to customize personalized learning plans for students and create a "double- teacher" follow-up and efficient mode. At the same time, relying on the smart education platform of, online and offline information-based integrated teaching is realized; Relying on the massive resources of the platform, we provide accurate teaching, realize the whole process of pre-class, in class and after-class learning, and help achieve the personal development of every student. In the future, we will continue to adhere to advanced education concepts and high-quality education services, and strive to enable more students to receive professional learning guidance and characteristic learning and development in a beautiful education environment, so as to empower children's development and dreams! Our company cooperates with high-quality entry-exit advisory service institutions and maintains long-term friendly cooperative relationships with numerous universities, which cover mainstream countries around the world, so as to provide students with diverse options for overseas study and winter and summer camps. We are always committed to creating global learning and development opportunities for students. Besides, we have been actively promoting the establishment of sister schools between Chinese and British schools and carrying out substantive exchanges.