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Strong Health industry, developing from February 1995, is a comprehensive modern pharmaceutical enterprise integrating offline entity hospitals, online Internet hospitals, drug R&D and production, and online and offline joint sales. It has 220 offices in all provinces, Autonomous Regions and Municipalities directly under the Central Government in mainland China with more than 2,000 employees. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial enterprise research institute in Zhejiang. Its modern production base is located in Tonglu Park, Hangzhou National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, China, covering an area of 113,000 square meters and a construction area of 120,000 square meters, with a designed annual capacity of more than 10 billion yuan.


Strong's health industry has developed since 1995


The Number of Agent Offices


Number of Employees

110000 m3

The Covering Area of Production Area


Design Annual Output Value

Tonglu Strong Hospital
Hainan Strong Remote Diagnosis and Treatment Center
Gender Health Clinic
Tonglu Strong Hospital

Tonglu Strong Hospital is one of the medical institutions of Strong Health Industry. It is the first internet-based hospital in Tonglu County and the first Internet hospital led by pharmaceutical industry enterprises in Zhejiang Province. The hospital is located in Fengqi Life Port, No. 9, Jiankang Road, Tonglu County, with a total construction area of 4,804 square meters. The hospital has a beautiful environment, comfortable warmth, and complete facilities, which integrates functions of medical treatment, nursing, network, health care, rehabilitation, leisure, and prevention. The hospital gives priority to the department of psychology, with a total of five departments, including surgery, internal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, psychology, and gynecology.


The platform now has more than 100,000 doctors, and is equipped with more than 1,500 professional and refined doctor assistant teams. It provides online and offline closed-loop management and services for patients on gender health, including 24h pre-diagnosis consultation, in-diagnosis assistance, post-diagnosis follow-up, health science popularization, efficacy tracking, follow-up consultation, follow-up appointment, digital management, etc. In the meanwhile, the platform provides top-level treatment solutions, enables high-quality medical resources to be shared, and comprehensively solves related diagnosis and treatment problems on gender health. At present, the total number of consultations has reached more than 100 million.


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Strong pharmaceuticals integrates R & D, production, and sales, which is a national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang provincial enterprise research institute, Zhejiang enterprise technology center, and Hangzhou municipal patent demonstration enterprise. It takes new drugs with independent intellectual property rights as the main research and development direction, adheres to the integrated business model of "R & D-production-sales", and gradually develops into a group pharmaceutical enterprise.

Strong pharmaceuticals has a R & D and production base covering an area of 113,000 square meters in Tonglu County, Hangzhou. It has an independent R & D team, advanced equipment and production technology. With the independent R & D team and enterprise R & D center as the core competitiveness, it has many production lines, including but not limited to capsules, granules, tablets, and oral liquids, and has earned qualification certificates from Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA) of Australia, Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) of China Food and Drug Administration.

The main R & D and production products include domestic drug Fufanng Xuanju Capsules, Shanhaidan Granules, potassium sodium citrate granules, Australian supplementary drug anti menopause capsules, etc. Among them, the main product - Fufang Xuanju Capsules - is an exclusive domestic product, a national protected variety of traditional Chinese medicine, and a well-known brand of andrology in China. In January 2017, "Strong" was recognized as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province.

Fufang Xuanju Capsules Shanhaidan Granules Jinshilin
Product Center
Fufang Xuanju Capsules

the main product Fufang Xuanju Capsules has independent intellectual property rights and is an exclusive domestic production and national traditional Chinese medicine protection variety. It is mainly used to warm the kidney, strengthen Yang, nourishing essence, and dispelling rheumatism. It is used for kidney-yang deficiency, symptoms of fatigue, lack of energy, soreness of waist and knees, coldness of lower abdomen and genitals, cold and slippery ejaculation, cold limbs, frequent urination, low libido, functional erectile dysfunction, etc. It can also be used to improve the joint pain and swelling caused by deficiency of kidney yang in rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatism arthralgia.

Shanhaidan Granules

It is mainly used to promote blood circulation and unblock collaterals. It is used for heart and blood stasis and chest arthralgia.


It is used to dissolve uric acid stones and prevent the recurrence of uric acid stones.


R&D Center

Strong Pharmaceuticals R&D Center was founded in 2002. The excellent team is composed of PhD and master degree staff with rich professional knowledge and R&D practice experience. Always surrounded by an active academic atmosphere, the center boasts the honour of being Zhejiang provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center, and Zhejiang provincial enterprise technology center.

The R&D center covers an area of 1,200 square meters and a construction area of 3,600 square meters, including office area, production area, and analysis area. The center consists of synthesis department, production department, analysis department, registration department, and clinical department. The equipment and instruments required for preparation and analysis are imported products, which can meet the R&D needs of small and pilot scales of all dosage forms.

The R&D fields

The R&D fields involve andrology, rheumatology, gynecology, cardiovascular, hepatobiliary, skin venereal diseases, and other difficult and miscellaneous diseases. Using a combination of independent and entrusted R&D, we carry out the R&D of innovative Chinese medicines, classic Chinese medicine prescriptions, Chinese medicine formula granules, functional food, Australian complementary medicines, Hong Kong proprietary Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical chemicals.

Our center cooperates with Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, and other institutions to carry out pharmacodynamic research on Fufanng Xuanju Capsules, Shanhaidan Granules and Zhile Capsules; Toxicological tests of Zhile Capsules, Antimenopausal Capsules, Anti-eczema Capsules, etc. were carried out with Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Drug Testing, National Beijing Research Center for Drug Safety Evaluation, and other institutions. There are also clinical trials of Chinese patent medicines with Beijing Xiyuan Hospital and other medical institutions. Our center also has cooperation with Hefei Innovation Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Hankang Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Xi'an Jitai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to carry out R&D of seven kinds of pharmaceutical chemicals. Many varieties have been registered and listed in the mainland of China, Hong Kong, and Australia, and have completed pharmaceutical research and entered the stage of BE and clinical trials.

The main product

The main product of the company, Fufanng Xuanju Capsules, has independent intellectual property rights, has been included in national Chinese medicine protection list, and is invented and exclusively produced by Strong Pharmacy in China. With its market share ranks first among similar drugs in China, it has been a well-known brand of urology and andrology in China. Shanhaidan Granules has a good therapeutic effect on a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The potassium sodium citrate granules, which are used to treat stones caused by excessive uric acid, have been approved by the generic drug consistency and entered into the national centralized procurement catalog.